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We have the industry knowledge, equipment and expertise to deliver this to a professional standard every time.

Looking for expert video production in Canberra? Scott Masters Media is the answer! We offer a broad scope of video production services for all types of private and corporate requirements. Even better, we can handle every step of the video production process, from filming to editing and sound, ensuring the finished product has the highest quality image resolution and sound production.

Whether you’re interested in a short online video, a television commercial or even a full-scale feature film, documentary or commercial production, we have the industry knowledge, equipment and expertise to deliver this to a professional standard every time. We specialise in video marketing and can create videos for digital and social media marketing, as well as develop targeted online campaigns for your business.

For your convenience, our team will also source actors for your video production, as well as select the right locations for filming that will most effectively fulfil the production brief.

Our full range of video production services include:

• Video marketing

• Online videos

• Feature films

• Documentaries

• Shoot location sourcing

• Video editing

• Sound production

• Hiring actors and actresses

• Television commercials

• Private video productions

Thanks to drone technology, it is now so much easier, and much more cost effective, to use aerial photography or video in your projects. Your search for a way to achieve this has brought you to Scott Masters Media – so welcome.

Amazingly, it’s a century since the first attempt to produce a working unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) – and now they are operational in at least fifty countries worldwide – a number that will surely quickly increase.

Another innovation which adds to the effectiveness of using a drone for aerial filming is the availability of 4K resolution. This is the standard to which our Scott Masters Media drone can perform, providing a level of clarity that would be unimaginable just a few years ago.

How do you wish to use this aerial photography/ video capability? You might be looking for some establishing filming for a documentary you are creating. You may want a video fly-over or a series of still photographs of your premises or to clearly show your location and surroundings for a company video. Your aim may be to promote a specific geographical area on your website or across social media.

These are only a few of the many ways you might wish to use our 4K capable drone’s aerial still photography and video facilities in or around Canberra. Whatever your plans, SMM is a terrific choice to deliver an amazingly cost-effective solution to meet your specific needs.

To discuss your aerial still photography or video ideas or requirements, simply call (02) 6297 8625 or contact us by clicking here.


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