The 3 keys to a good Social Media Strategy

The 3 keys to a good Social Media Strategy

If you own a business and you have social media, you need to make a commitment to using it, in 2017 there were 2.80 billion global social media users, that’s a lot of people utilizing the platform every day, in fact the average Social Media user checks their Facebook account 17 times a day, and that’s just one platform.

The 3 keys to good Business Social Media Strategy!

  1. Create unique content

At Scott Masters Media in Canberra, we’ve been using Social Media since its inception and we understand each platform, but no matter what platform you are using, unique content that highlights your brand is always going to perform better, and we’ve become experts at creating that content. Knowing your brand inside and out is our 1st step, and that allows us to do the heavy lifting, and it allows you to concentrate on running and growing your business.

  1. Consistent messaging

We see it every day when we run a digital health check for new or prospective clients, a business owner knows they need to “do” social media, but often gets swamped by running their business. They’ll go days, weeks and months without posting, then they’ll do a multitude of posts in a very short space of time, this hurts engagement levels, and hurts your brand, as fans get bombarded with many posts very quickly then they don’t hear from you again. Consistency is key and as Canberra’s Digital Marketing Experts we can maintain a consistent posting strategy for your brand.

  1. Know your target audience

If you don’t understand your target audience, how are you going to find the people who really want your services with your Online advertising and Marketing? It’s the 1st question we ask each new client, “who are you trying to reach and what’s the point of difference that your business offers over your competitors”? Knowing this means every piece of content we create for you can be put through this filter, so whether it’s a Facebook post, a tweet, or an Instagram story, we make sure it’s going to buy you traction in the demographic that’s most pertinent to your business.


If you’re time poor and your Social Media strategy is lacking, let us put together a Social Media presence together that will attract new customers to your brand.

Scott Masters has been an award-winning media professional since 1991 and after launching Scott Masters Media in 2015, he has taken big and small Canberra businesses to new strengths in terms of their Digital Marketing, don’t be left behind, call the team now and reach potential customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Call us today 6297 8625.