How to Destroy your Facebook reach in one easy step

How to Destroy your Facebook reach in one easy step

I get asked all the time by Clients about “Buying facebook likes”, In short, DON’T DO IT!

The Facebook algorithm determines how often your Pages Post’s show up in your fans’ newsfeed, and if your content isn’t engaging, you get punished. When you buy Facebook “Likes” through an online service (and there are heaps of them that do it), the percentage of fans who engage with your page will drop, that’s guaranteed. Most of these “Likes” that you buy fit into 2 categories;
1. They are fake profiles created by the people who offer you “Likes”
2. They are real profiles and they get paid a percentage of what you pay to the Like service for “liking” your page.

Either way, once they’ve “liked” your page, it’s extremely rare that these pages will engage with your business on Facebook, and that’s where the trouble starts.

For this example let’s say you have 100 organic fans of your page. Let’s say 25% of them engage with your content on a regular basis, that’s 25 fans.
You buy 1200 fans or “Likes” (you now have a total of 1,200). If those 25 fans are still engaging with you, then Facebook sees that only a meagre 2.8% of your fanbase is engaging with your page and its content. This tells the Facebook algorithm that you aren’t producing valuable content and fewer people are engaging with your Page, and you will appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds even less often. All the hard work you did in developing your page and getting organic “likes” has now been ruined because you paid for 1200 fans in the space of a few days.

I can understand it’s frustrating if you see a competitor with a lot more likes than your page, if they grew them organically, then it’s taken them time and effort, and you should learn from their page and create your own content that will lead to real “Likes”. The easy option will only hurt you in the long run. The only way to reach more of your Facebook audience to develop engaging content, and that’s where Scott Masters Media comes in. Call me today and we can “Grow Your Brand” 6297 8625.